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Real Madrid CF
RCD Mallorca 

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Estadio Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid
Estadio Santiago Bernabéu

Tickets for along the side of the pitch in central sections, low and middle side tiers. Areas marked in orange.

Tickets for along the side of the pitch, low and middle side tiers. Areas marked in blue.

Tickets for along the side of the pitch, middle and higher side tiers. Areas marked in yellow.

Tickets behind the goals. Areas marked in red.

Tickets for along the side of the pitch, higher side tiers. Areas marked in green.

These locations can only be defined as special because of their excellent vision. Your VIP room is located within an exclusive space in the shopping center next to the stadium. It has an excellent hostess and catering service

Located in the 1st Anfiteatro del Lateral Este, these magnificent locations have perfect views of the pitch and a spectacular panoramic view of the stadium. Excellent catering service, the Glasgow Room, commemorates the 9th European Cup of Real Madrid.

These locations are located in the High Grade of the East Side, Its Vip room is one of the most beautiful of the stadium and is located in the Royal Hall. They are very close to the pitch and enjoy some spectacular views of the stadium.

These locations are located next to the lawn of the Santiago Bernabéu, are the special seats of Sector 128-130, in the Lower East Side Grada, being very close to the lawn and you can see up close the players, Your catering area is located in the magnificent Veterans Room, where the trophies obtained by the Club Veterans Association are exhibited. VIP room, hostess service and catering

This VIP room is excellent and has become a benchmark in its category. Its location on the grandstand, together with an area of modern hospitality and first-class catering, makes buying this area an excellent decision.

Vip localities located in the 2nd Amphitheater area of Lateral, perfect view of the game land, covered locations, hostess service and excellent catering service

Tickets where all the cups of europe and champions league won by Real Madrid are located, you are in a mythical place of the stadium, where you can enjoy an exclusive catering and watch the game as if you were inside the field.