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Arthur Johnson

On the 6th of March 1902 the Club was founded and Juan Parós was appointed President. The team's gear consisted of white shorts and t-shirt, blue socks and a purple band on the coat of arms embroidered in colour. Mr. Arthur Johnson from the UK was the first coach of the Club.
From that moment on, the Club that would reach an unsurpassable professional level is born.

Right now its trophy record shows that it is probably one of the best football teams in the world.



Although the Madrid Football Club was founded on the 6th of March 1902, it was not until the 29th of June 1920 that the King Alfonso XII awarded the Club with the title of Real (Royal). From that moment on, the Club would obtain the new name of Real Madrid.

Just some time before that, on the 31st of October 1912, a young forward player called Santiago Bernabéu made his debut in the team. On the 17th of May 1924 the field of Chamartín, built by José María Castell, was inaugurated. On the 15th of September 1943 that young player, Santiago Bernabéu, became President. That same year, Real Madrid won the Cup of Generalisimo against Barcelona.

Madrid Foot Ball Club 1902


In 1956 Real Madrid conquered their first EURopean Champions Cup after having obtained 3 Spanish League Titles already. From that moment on, 12 years of constant trophies would come.

Navarro, Hon, Luciano, Alfredo di Stefano, Puskas, Mateo, Grosso, Amar, Pirri, Sanchís are among the most significant names of that time.

1956. RM win their first EURopean Champions Cup after beating the French Stade Reims, 4-3.
1957. Second EURopean Champions Cup against Fiorentina, 2-0. Fifth Spanish League Title.
1958. Third EURopean Champions Cup against AC Milan, 3-2, in Brussels. Sixth Spanish League Title.
1959. Fourth EURopean Champions Cup against Stade Reims, 2-0.
1960. Fifth EURopean Champions Cup against Eintracth of Francfort, 7-3.
1961. Seventh Spanish League Title.
1962. RM win their tenth Cup after beating Sevilla CF, 2-1. Eight Spanish League Title.
1963. Ninth Spanish League Title.
1964. Tenth Spanish League Title.
1965. Eleventh Spanish League Title.
1966. Sixth EURopean Champions Cup after beating the Partizan of Belgrade, 2-1.
1967. Twelfth Spanish League Title.
1968. Thirteenth Spanish League Title.
1969. Fourteenth Spanish League Title.

Primera Copa de Europa


For the following years, Real Madrid were already considered the best team in EURope. With six EURopean Champions Cup Titles, the team hired a new coach, the Yugoslavian, Miljan Miljanic, who coached Real Madrid in their first début in the Cup-Winners' Cup in which they won over Chelsea, 2-1.
In 1974, the white team won the Cup after beating the favourite FC Barcelona by a clear 4-0.

Santiago Bernabeu

They kept obtaining victories in the Spanish League. The German Ulrich Strike and Juanito, among others, joined Real Madrid and a new super team was slowly being created.

In 1978 Santiago Bernabéu died, President of Real Madrid for 35 years, leaving a memory of a matchless effort and dedication in the history of Spanish football .


At the beginning of the 80's, the team needed a change: there was a team completely consolidated but there were few really relevant players. Juanito, Santillana, Camacho are some of the players whom the reserve young players joined. The fabulous "Quinta del Buitre" (the Buitre Team) with Butrageño, Michel, Sanchís, Gordillo, Martín Vázquez, Hugo Sánchez initiated a new golden period. The President then was Mendoza.

Hugo Sanchez
1980. Twentieth Spanish League Title and Fourteenth Spanish Cup after beating Castilla, 6-1.
1981. EURopean Champions Cup runner-up after losing against FC Liverpool, 1-0.
1982. Fifteenth Spanish Cup after beating Sporting Gijón, 2-1.
1983. EURopean Cup-Winners' Cup runner-up after losing against the Scottish Aberdeen, 2-1. 1985. UEFA Cup Title after beating in a double match the Hungarian Videotón, 3-0 and 0-1. Spanish Cup Title winner.
1986. Second UEFA Cup after beating in a double match, the German FC Köln, 5-2 and 0-2. Twenty-first Spanish League Title.
1987. Twenty-second Spanish League Title.
1988. Twenty-third Spanish League Title. First Spanish Super Cup Title after beating FC Barcelona.
1989. Twenty-fourth Spanish League Title and Sixteenth Spanish Cup after winning over Real Valladolid, 2-0.
1990. Twenty-fifth Spanish League Title. Second Spanish Super Cup Title after beating FC Barcelona.

THE 90'S

During the 90's, Real Madrid were still one of the best national league teams but the rivalry against the Cruyff's FC Barcelona makes them wait until 1995 to recover all of their magnificence. Laudrup, Zamorano, Redondo were some of the players who took over this mission.

1995. Twenty-sixth Spanish League Title. Lorenzo Sanz is appointed President of Real Madrid once Ramón Mendoza leaves the Club.
1997. Twenty-seventh Spanish League Title. Fourth Spanish Super Cup Title after beating FC Barcelona.

Séptima Copa de Europa
1998. Seventh EURopean Champions Cup after beating the Juventus from Torino, 1-0, on the 20 th of May 1998 in the Amsterdam Arena, in the Netherlands. Pedja Mijatovic scored the goal. Second Intercontinental Cup Title after beating Vasco de Gama with a decisive goal from Raúl.
2000. Real Madrid participate in their first World Cup of Clubs. Eight EURopean Champions Cup Title after beating Valencia in Paris. Florentino Pérez is appointed President after winning over Lorenzo Sanz by a narrow margin in the Club elections.


2002. Real Madrid celebrate their 100th anniversary.

With two more Spanish League Titles, during this period Real Madrid become for the 9th time the EURopean Champion after beating the German Bayer Leverkusen, 2-1.
The best football stars join the Club: Ronaldo, Zidane, Beckham together with Raúl, Roberto Carlos and the rest of the squad keep the Club in the leadership of professional football.
The current team has all the strength to obtain the leading role in the next golden period.

Beckham y Ronaldo

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